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Babylon Micro farm

Babylon Micro farm


Urban Community Supported Farms

Designed & Engineered by
Micro-Farms™ Specialists

Pure Fresh

Healthier & Taste-Better

Produce from Your Community Micro-Farms

Save Emissions of Food Trucks

OnSite Farms

No pesticide
No Harmful Chemicals

Scalable & Flexible Design

Sustainability Showcase To Your Community

Our Micro-Farms

Increase Aesthetic Value of Your Community

Build Great Neighborhood Community Relationship
with Urban Micro-Farm Share Program

Small & Beautiful!

Cafes, Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Impress Your Customers
with “Pure Fresh”
On-site Micro Farm Showcase

Low Upfront Cost
Easy to Setup & Operate
Supplementary Income Benefits


Babylon Micro-Farms

Your Urban Community Farms Solutions Provider.
One-Stop Solution Delivering Beyond Miro Farms with
Scalable Smart Hydroponics Micro-Farms Architecture

We Support Ag. Social Enterprises of Urban Micro-Farms.


Saving Emissions of Food Trucks

On-Site Micro Farms
Deliver The Ultra Pure Fresh
Healthier Produce To Your Community

Your Sustainability Showcase
Designed & Engineered Onto Your Site

Small & Beautiful

Onsite Micro Farm Showcase to Your Community

Increase Aesthetic Value
To Your Neighborhood Community
with Beyond-Micro-Farms Design Specialist

Build Great Neighborhood Relationship


Feedback from Our Community Focus Group

“Easy To Start, Easy to Use.  Great Urban Community Micro-Farm Design For Beginners”

“High-Quality, Uncontaminated Ingredients”

“Scalable” and “Modular Design “

“Great Showcase To Our Customer, Delivering Our Commitment to Sustainability”

“Consistent Year-Round Production with Faster-Crop Turns”

“Beautiful Micro-Farm Design, Increasing Aesthetic Value to Our Site “

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Onsite Farms & Zero-Food-Miles.

Establish Community Supported Micro-Farms Onto Your Site


700 Harris Street Suite 107 
Charlottesville, VA 22903 




877 589 2885

Design & Engineering

Beyond Micro-Farms

Space Efficient
Urban Micro-Farm Design & Engineering
Connected with Smart IoT Management
Onto Your Site



Join Zero-Food-Miles Initiative, saving thousands of farm-to-table food miles and emissions caused by food trucks.


Pure Fresh

Year-round production of pure fresh healthier produce with no pesticide and no harmful chemicals.


Community Supported Micro Farms

Build a great community relationship, starting your community micro farm program with us.


Sustainability Showcase

Showing the commitment to sustainability and support to zero-food-miles.

We Make
Your Community  Supported Farms “Cool”

Why We are
The Best Choice
For Urban Community Micro-Farms