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Key Disciplines Every Startup Should Know


Begins By Transforming The Way You Think.

“We are standing on the brink of an unprecedented revolution in the New Digital Economy, driven by innovation and technologies. We address what it means and how to respond with essential skills and key disciplines for the 21st century.”


Your Thoughts

Shape Your Life.

How and What You Think Run Your Life!

What Makes Innovators Different?

Creative Intelligence.

The Ability To Innovate Is
The Secret Sauce to Success.

12 Essential Discplines

Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Know


Defining Moments

Key Components of Business Model and Management

Learn and practice with business model canvas and case studies




How to Chart a Strategic Direction with Vision, Mission and Core Values?


Setting the foundation of an organization, strategic direction with measurable goals and objectives and mission statement.



Essential Management Skills,
Key Areas of Responsibilities & Strategy Making Hierarchy

Essential Skills of Managers: Capital Budgeting, Communication, Decision Making, Information and Technology Literacy, Measurement and Control and People Decision.



What Is A Winning Strategy?  How To Measure and Evaluate Key Components of A Winning Strategy?


Analytical Frameworks

How to Evaluate External Environment & Internal Resources with Analytical Frameworks?

PESTEL analysis, Five Forces, Value Chain Analysis, Competitive Analysis, VRIO and financial analysis…


Pitch Deck

How to Prepare A Winning Pitch Deck? Key Components of Pitch Deck Fundamentals for Fund-raising.




How to Analyze and Strengthen Organization’s Resources and Capabilities?





How to Create An Innovative Organization Under Uncertainty and Entrepreneurship?





How to Cultivate the Culture and Spirit of Innovation?
What Makes Innovator Different? 



Business Intelligence


How to Enable Faster and Sophisticated Data Analytics For Business Intelligence?



Data Science for Business


The Era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. How Data Science Changes Our Business?





Practice Global Strategy with Simulated Game Frameworks and Group Case Studies 

Essential Skills & Disciplines for the 21st century

Equip students, educators, entrepreneurs with three areas of essential disciplines for the New Digital Economy in the 21st century:

  • innovative thinking,
  • information and technology skills, and
  • social and career productivity skills.

New Economy is a shift from a manufacturing and commodity-based economy to one that utilizes innovation and technology to create new products and services and social values as the driving force of economic growth.

L-P-G process

  • Learn essential skills and key business disciplines to cultivate the spirit of Innovation
  • Practice and refine innovation through business ventures
  • Grow Innovation by connecting the Dots of innovation networks and startup communities.

Practice The Innovation through ventures

Business ventures or startups are not a small business or a smaller version of a large company.

It is a temporary form of strategic organization designed to search for a sustainable business model by testing, discarding and evolving new ideas, methods, processes or products by reflecting feedback from customers for the value it creates.

Innovation, Venture & Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation can be defined as the action or process that introduces something new, a new idea, method, or device.
  • Venture is defined as a risky or daring journey or a business undertaking involving risk
  • Innovation and venture are often combined together through entrepreneurship as a business venture or a startup to explore three types of business innovation, such as product, process, or a new business model.