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Transform your people, students, small group and community with the super-easy social learning platform.

The Social Learning Management System concept is based on a software e-Learning platform to provide affordable solutions for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training or learning, and development programs with your target audiences.

Innovation LMS is a nickname of the curriculum that is designed to cultivate the spirit of innovation, provide essential skills, technologies and interdisciplinary disciplines of the 21st century for startups and social ventures to create social values.


Super easy drag and drop course builder


Advanced quizzing & scoring


Drip-feed lesson content managment


Dynamic and specific forums for your courses


Tin Can API & SCORM support


Award certificates and points for course activities

Create Professional Social Learning Courses

Easily create courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, and access to the latest e-learning management and industry trends for creating robust learning experiences.

Create Courses

Create your courses super easy with drag and drop course builder.

Drip-feed content

Automatically deliver content to a predefined schedule.


Trigger Engagement

Interact with learners based on actions they do in your courses.

Award your people

Deliver points, badges, and certificates to courage the achievement of learners.


Your Interest

Create and manage your audience with easy


Create User Groups


Manage Learner's Progress


Manage Enrollment


Communicate with your group

Upcoming Courses

Create your courses using one of the industry’s best course builder platforms.


The Foundation

Ke components of business model and management.  How to chart a strategic direction with vision, mission and core values?

Startups 101


Management 101 for 21st century

Essential management skills and key areas of responsibilities and strategic making hierarchy of management.



Key Disciplines Every Startup Should Know

We are standing on the brink of an unprecedented revolution in the New Digital Economy. This course addresses what it means and how to respond with essential skills and disciplines for the 21st century’s entrepreneurs.

Business disciplines


Pitch deck

How to prepare a winning pitch deck?  Key components of timeless fundamentals of a pitch deck for fund-raising and mission-critical presentation.



Business Intelligence

How to enable faster and sophisticated data analytics for business intelligence in the era of big data and artificial intelligence? How data science changes the way we run the business?

Data analytics & insights


10 things every christian should know

Which is the greatest commandment?  Explore 10 subjects every Christian should know.



Focus Mode LMS

Create your courses for your community with focus mode.

Courses Points

Award points for completing courses and unlock new ones.

Dynamic forums

Open private and public forums for your specific courses.


Dynamic, engaging. learning experiences, blog & forums

Stay with Latest E-Learning Industry Trends



How to write irresistable course description


Create courses for mobile phones


Understand cognitive load for effective learning


Tips for mastering online coaching

Ignite Transformation with Innovation LMS

“Transformation begins by transforming the way you think.

The effective online learning management system can transform millions by bridging the gap of digital divide and cultivating essential skills for the 21st century, such as innovative thinking, information and technology skills, and social and career productivity skills.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should offer courses with this learning management system?

Anyone can create courses with this learning management system to train your people, small groups, and organizations.

Can we charge for courses?

Yes. You can create a pricing model for your online courses to compensate for your efforts, accepts Visa, Master Card and Americal Express online.

Do you support SCORM?

Yes. This platform can support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 and also supports Tin Can API (also known as xAPI) if you want to migrate from Articulate and Adobe Captivate.

Can we translate courses?

Yes. The LMS system can offer AI-supported translation like Google translate. If AI translation appears awkward, the LMS platform can help you to set up custom pages to support different languages.

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