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List your business or startups for search engines. The digital content connects to global search engines, such as Google, Bing and Naver.

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Create a property listing for organic search marketing. Connect buyers and sellers directly, or via professional business brokers, and real estate agents for quick sales.

Organic Search Marketing

Organic search marketing can level up the playing fields for small businesses, enabling 20 times better conversion rates than the paid search used by the big players

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This site is designed to level up the playing field with big-budget players. This development has been possible through the efforts of community volunteers who understand the needs of small organizations and individuals to enable the first step of digital transformation via organic search over the Internet. The site shall use used latest encryption technologies to meet secure HTTPS protocols and SSL authentication, which can be verified by the latest browser technologies, and custom keywords connected to major search engines. This project is at the beta stage, may have glitches and room to grow to fully implement features, and is open to feedback from the community.

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List your churches, nonprofits and local communities. Help people with prayer and support lines in time of need and encouragement.

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Designed to support small businesses and nonprofits to build online presence for search engines.

Boost small businesses to all new levels with digital listing with keywords for search engines

Benefits of  Digitally Transformed Businesses

Source: Characteristics of Digitally Haves by McKinsey Global Institute

Faster Revenue Growth

3 times faster Profit & Margin Growth

Higher Productivity and Innovation

2x Faster Wage Growth

Search-Driven Economy by the Numbers


of online experience begins with an online search and keywords


businesses have no online presence or marketing context for search engines


of websites do not invest in content marketing to generate online leads


of location-based mobile searches result in offline purchases

Empowering Small Businesses with Online Search Presence


US Small Business GDP share

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises represent over 90 percent of the worldwide business population, 60~70% of employment and 55% of GDP in developed economies, according to the World Trade Organization.
  • In the United States, the small business created $5.9 Trillion, 43.5% of the $13.6 Trillion, according to the Small Business report published by US SBA in December 2018.
  • According to the report, small business GDP share has gradually declined from 48% in 1998 (adjusted from the previously published figure of 50.5% in 1998) to 43.5% in 2014. The wholesale and retail sector has declined more from 52.9% in 1998 to 42.1% in 2014.
  • The declining small business GDP share is attributable to the markedly faster growth of large businesses with big budgets, according to the report.
  • Large business GDP grew 9.2%, almost double the small business growth rate, while small business GDP grew 4.8%.
  • In the New Digital Economy driven by innovation and technologies, the digital gap to adapt for the speed of digital transformation significantly impacts small businesses, influences people’s shopping experience, and escalates the importance of online search, digital marketing and digital business strategies, as seen in the rapid growth and influence of Google and Amazon.
  • Biggest trends affecting local businesses are mobile search, local search, online leads and ratings and reviews of micro-influencers.
  • Small businesses must adapt to this digitalization trend and find their niche to survive or to sustain their businesses.


Web Presence & Brand Images


do not recommend a business with a Poorly designed & outdated website of the company


of the judgements on a company's credibility are made on the company's website

GDP share of Small business continues to decline over time.

How this social platform works for you?


Digital Index listing

  • The first step begins with a digital listing that creates a quick online presence of your profile on the Internet
  • List favorite people, business or places you want to promote with a brief description and keywords

Create links

  • The social digital platform builds digital links with a set of metadata, such as schema
  • Organizes the data, content, images, social media, blogs, maps and keywords that can be organically linked and found on the Internet



Connect Resources

  • The platform continuously updates the content for mobile search, location-based search, and organic search
  • The no-ad, organic search result, compared to the paid search, is known to have 20 times better conversion rates
  • The platform serves as a networking platform, connecting members through forums, digital business resources, and community micro- influencers to support small business, freelancers, startups and nonprofits in your community

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Features & Benefits

READY FOR MOBILE SEARCH, LOCAL BUSINESS SEARCH & ORGANIC SEARCHFind it easy from search engines with keywords and search tags

BUILD QUALITY DIGITAL LINKS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Build quality digital links to social Media, Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram from better results from online search

Connect mobile online search to your Offline businessConnect the mobile search to your site on the map as digital O2O marketing

Boost Up Online Presence and Brand Awareness Organic search boosts up the brand awareness for your products and services

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