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Consumer Privacy

Your trusted community for global consumer privacy professionals and data security application developers.

Data Breach and Consumer Privacy Regulation

Digital Transformation & digital security


consumers are seeking out new ways to safeguard their personal information


say they worry about online security


are concerned about Businesses collecting and selling personal information


say it is extremely important that companies quickly take right actions to stop data breaches

Social media sites are the least trusted

followed by travel and retail sectors.

16.7 Million Annual Victims

from Identity Fraud

Is At Risk

Extra Layers of Data Security

As Protective Measures of Data Breach Incidents

☑ Authentication
☑ Encryption
☑ Obfuscation
☑ Multi-Layered security with Key Management

Privacy Intelligence 

IS Now A New Business Intelligence

Consumer Privacy Regulations, Personal Data Security

67% of consumers think
government should do more to protect consumer data privacy.

Consumer Privacy Primer

CCPA 5 Rights
GDPR 7 Principles
Data Security Measures
Accountability to Data Privacy
Data Breach 101
GDPR Penalties
Security Breach Disclosure
Do Not Sell My Personal Information
How to build a strong Information Privacy, Data Security, Consumer Protection and Automated Privacy Controls & Compliance

78% say “it is extremely important that companies quickly take the right actions to stop a consumer data breach.”

Consumer Privacy &

Data Breach Protection Applications

Your Trusted Community for Consumer Privacy Professionals and Data Security Application Developers

Data Security Applications

Smartphone Data Breach Protection

True Authentication from Counterfeits

Encryption, Pseudonymization, Anonymization
and Security Key Management

Compliance to Consumer Privacy Regulation, Disclosure and Notification

Secure protection
from unauthorized copy, hacking, distribution of consumer data, credit and financing information

Secure exchange
of confidential corporate digital assets, sensitive R&D data and information

Collecting consumer data,
establishing fair use practices, and Implementing “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” and “Right to Data Deletion” and “Rights To Be Forgotten”

Build an automated data privacy program

How To Build

A Strong Data Privacy Program and Data Breach Protection?

Highly Experienced

Consumer Privacy

and Application Specialists

  • Incorporating Bullet-Proof Data Security with New Technology Enablers and Data Secretization Process
  • Authentication of Certified Document, Gift cards and Mobile ID
  • Data Security of Big Data AI, Internet of Things and Autonomous Driving Platforms
  • Consumer Privacy Regulation Specialists
  • White Label Application and Solution Developers

Consolidated Solutions

Digital Transformation with Consumer Privacy & Data Security.

Digital Transformation with Data Security

Build a strong digital transformation program integrated with data breach protection 

Consumer Privacy and Protection from Data Breach

Smartphone Data Protection, personal smart devices, finance and banking information

Corporate Digital Asset Protection for IT Managers

Unauthorized copy, download, and secure sharing of confidential digital assets

Digitalization with Data Security

Build a Successful Digital Transformation Roadmap with Consideration of Privacy Intelligence

Accountability to Data Privacy
Encryption, Pseudonymization and Anonymization of Sensitive Data and Personal Information

Secure Messaging & Disclosure Policies

Implementing the Right to be Forgotten

Mandatory and Voluntary Compliance Plans

Consumer Data Collection and Fair Use Policies
Automated Compliance to State and Local Rules and Regulations to Protect Consumer Privacy.
And much more…

Build A Program Initiative with Strategic components and Data Privacy Intelligence

Re-define A Business Model with Privacy Intelligence and fair use practices


Automate the Process with Privacy Compliance, Disclosure and New UI & UX

Digital Platform with Data Security

Consumer Privacy and Private Data Breach Protection of e-Commerce, Smart Device and Autonomous Driving Platform

Sensitive Data Protection of
Smart IOT and Big Data Appliance, and AL/ML/DL Ecosystem

Unauthorized Access and Data Breach of Artificial and Human Intelligence Platform and Privacy Intelligence

Digital Transformation with Data Security, Integration and Fulfillment Services and Authentication from Counterfeits

Digital Asset Security and Unauthorized Copy Protection of R&D Data of Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing

Testing, Integration of Consumer Privacy Applications and Big Data Appliance with Data Security

How Consumer Privacy Matters

and Impacts Businesses

Data privacy protection concerns are driving new regulations and proliferation of new business models around the world

Following General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, California Consumer Protection Acts trigger a series of impacts to the way we run businesses and

Set a new precedent of how the government protects data privacy and helps consumers understand what data is collected, how it is sold and disclosed, how to demand fair use of the data, and exercise the right to stop the use and sale of personal information. 

A Global Network of Trusted Consumer Privacy Professionals and Application Developers

Understanding CCPA 5 Rights in Consumer Privacy Acts

Implementing Key Components of Data Security Measures

Accountability to Data Privacy and disclosure

GDPR 7 Principles & Automated Implementation

GDPR Penalties and Data Breaches Disclosure Rules

Implementing "Do Not Sell My Personal Information"

Impacts of Personal Data Privacy to User Experience

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