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Interdisciplinary social learning Frameworks
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Transformation begins by changing the way you think.

Innovation is the action or the process that introduces something new, a new idea, method or device.

Venture is a daring journey, a risk or a new business undertaking involving risk

Digital Divide increases the gap in the access to, use of, the information and technologies, widening inequalities between individuals, businesses or geographical areas or social economic levels.

New Economy is a paradigm shift from a conventional manufacturing or commodity based economy to the one that utilizes innovation and technologies as the driving force to create social value and economic growth.

Social Learning is based on a concept that people can learn each other through observation, modeling andbench-marking to reduce the gap of learning, such as digital divide, and can be more effective with e-learning technologies and interdisciplinary expert resources and mentors who provide training and curriculum to equip essential skills and disciplines for the 21st-century workforce.

Innovation LMS is designed to cultivate the spirit of innovation and interdisciplinary disciplines for the next generation through the social learning framework to meet the challenges of New Economy, driven by innovation and technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, Big Data, smart IoT and disruptive manufacturing technologies for the 21st century.

Be Ready for the Era of Industry 4.0 with essential skills and interdisciplinary disciplines and prepare for the paradigm shift from a conventional manufacturing based economy to the one that utilizes innovation and technologies as the driving force to create social value and economic growth.


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Cultivate the spirit of innovation and reduce the gap of digital divide with innovative learning management systems, awards and certificates, and access to the latest industry trends and technologies and business disciplines with robust learning experiences.

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STEM, AI, Big Data, Business Intelligence


Advanced manufacturing with cutting-edge laser technologies


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Essential skills and disciplines through one of the industry's best social learning platforms.



Key components of business model and management for the 21st century.  How to chart a strategic direction with vision, mission and core values and work forces?

The foundational components


Skills and Disciplines for 21st century

Essential skills and management disciplines for the key areas of responsibilities and strategic making hierarchy of management.

Essential skills & disciplines


Speech Communication

How we speak and communicate with others. Develop the confidence and effectiveness in communication skills, with leading experts, especially using English as a global communication language.

Communication is the foundation


Innovative thinking

Innovative thinking can be learned. Train students with useful steps to unleash creativity and innovative thinking. Creative resides in all of us. The first step is to overcome the fear of being judged.

Creativity and innovative thinking


Disruptive Technologies

We are standing on the brink of an unprecedented revolution in the New Digital Economy, driven by innovation and technologies. This course addresses what it means and how to respond for the 21st century's entrepreneurs.

Technology skills


Pitch deck

How to prepare a winning pitch deck?  Timeless fundamentals of a pitch deck for mission-critical presentation and fund-raising

Key components of every pitch deck


AI, Business Intelligence & Human Intelligence

How to enable faster and sophisticated data analytics for business intelligence in the era of big data and artificial intelligence? How data science changes the way we run the business?

BI, AI and Data Analytics Frameworks


Digital transformation for New Economy

New economy is the rapid transition from a traditional manufacturing-based economy to the innovation-based service-oriented economy. Digital transformation is the key component of the paradigm shift with the integration of digital technologies into all areas of a business. We address what it means and how to cultivate the work force for the 21st century.

Digital transformation


Social LMS

Innovate the way you think with focus mode social LMS program

Real applications

Cultivate the innovation with social ventures and real applications

Industry Forum

Open private and public forums with expert industry resources


Dynamic, engaging. social learning experiences & forums

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