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Wiki Social

presents a revolutionary digital transformation platform to build up a strong online presence, empowering small businesses, freelancers and non-profits.

Power Listing

transforms your marketing content into digital context and metadata, builds a digital pipeline to global search engines to maximize organic search exposure.

Keyword Optimized

Organic search marketing is the most cost-effective digital marketing, enabling 20 times better conversion rates than the paid search used by the big budget players, levels the playing fields for small businesses.

Exciting Rewards

are available for actively members, such as recurring extra income and stock options while working from home, by helping other members in the community, and joining social ventures or startups in the community.

Designed for success

The platform is to equip the members with essential skills and knowledge for the 21st century’s digital business, and international networking, promotes opportunities for social ventures, income benefits and stock rewards for active members.

Changing Landscape of Digital Economy by the Numbers


of online experience begins with an online search with keywords


of small businesses have no online presence or marketing context for search engines


of websites do not invest in content marketing to generate online leads


of location-based mobile searches can lead offline purchase opportunities

Social Digital Platform for the 21st Century’s Digital Business

Start digital transformation with power listing

Digital marketing breathe a new life for small businesses and nonprofits

Participate exciting social ventures and startups for joyful rewards

Build up strong online presence with digital context

Learn the Fundamental of Digital Business strategy through social learning

extra income by helping others in the community

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Wiki Social Membership

  • Social venture memberships with digital transformation platform to empower digital business for the 21st century
  • People’s platform designed to support small business, freelancers and nonprofits to reduce the gap of digital divide
  • Better together and smarter with social learning platform
  • Rewards, benefits and stock options by participating in exciting social ventures and startups
  • Increase additional income opportunities by helping other members in the  community

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Characteristics of Being Digitally Transformed

Faster Revenue Growth

3 times faster Profit & Margin Growth

Higher Productivity and Innovation

2x Faster Wage Growth