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Case Study:

The Challenge:

  • This Irvine-based church serves multi-ethnic Christian community and PWD group (people with disabilities), focusing on the evangelical missions for the Great Commission.
  • The church had a domain name and a simple landing page, but no visibility. It does not show any presence and the location from Google search.
  • Google search directs to other places, which may have high amount of search engine optimization budget and dedicated IT resources, which the church cannot afford.


The Solution:

  1. The Featured listing page seamlessly integrateS the keywords of the church, the website, and CKD ID code, and connecting social media sites. 
  2. The CKD ID directly moves the visitor to the church site, showing the physical location in the Google map for easy navigation to the church.
  3. We also design a mobile-friendly, single page scrolling website with visual context, which is easier to read and scroll from mobile phons.
  4. The home page is built with customized search tags, registration to search console, and business profile, and connecting top social media sites, improving the Google search and visibility (e.g., Yelp and Facebook).
  5. The mobile-friendly site incorporates a smart O2O feature to make a call and navigate to the location directly from the phone.  You can try it here to experience the difference between desktop and mobile environment.
  6. After the project, the church pops up on the first page on Google local search and shows photos and information from major social media sites.

Support your friends and your local community with joyful rewards? Anyone can join us.




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